We want you to grow quickly and sustainably.

Our specialised reputation is within the regional Start-Up and SME markets. We understand the needs of business owners for end-to-end advice and solutions.

We provide a spectrum of advisory services in areas of legal, regulatory, business, management, finance, risk, taxation and human capital – to best equip our clients to grow their businesses.

Contract Management

Establishing rights. Securing interests. Limiting Liability.

We cater to our clients’ complete contractual needs, from internal to third party contracts.

Our contract management solutions cater to every manner of simplicity or complexity, depending on the business, corporate or commercial need.

Dispute Resolution

Fight only the fights you have to fight.

Our approach to dispute resolution is founded on reconciliation of interests. We exhaust all mediatory and conciliation approaches before we go to battle. When we go to battle, we win wars.

We are experienced in all stages of negotiation, mediation, litigation, arbitration and adjudication, at all levels of Court and regional dispute resolution institutions.


Shortcuts to success.


We simplify overwhelming approval requirements for compliance and regulatory licensing.

Brand, Business, Software

We provide profit and growth maximisation options borne out of successful licensed or franchise business models.

Compliance & Regulatory

Bending but not breaking the law.

We help our clients understand and respond to the extensive range of applicable domestic and global regulatory concerns on:

  • Corporate governance
  • Financial services
  • Anti-money laundering guidelines
  • Data protection
  • Reporting and disclosure requirements

We assist our clients in managing their relationships with authorities regulating their business including SC, Bursa, BNM, SSM, LHDN, KPDNKK, KKM, JPN and Customs.

Foreign Companies

ASEAN. The continent of the future.

Parallel to the stratospheric growth in foreign business interest and investment in ASEAN and Malaysia, we provide strategic business ignition advice to foreign entities setting up in Malaysia, which include corporate structure, compliance requirements and banking set up.


The cord that stops the freefall.

We provide holistic risk advice to prevent, protect, mitigate and fix gaps for business (enterprise) and corporate risk in all areas including: contractual, financial, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, product, vendor performance, data integrity, IP infringement, litigation and funding.

Tech Consultancy

A.I | Software | Web | App | Crypto | Games | Wallets | Remittance | Robo-trade / advice

Our tech advice goes beyond the law. We work with industry leading consultants to create perfect architectures and strategies to build, commercialise, launch, grow and list our clients’ tech and fintech businesses.

Human Capital

Enriching your business with stronger teams.

We provide human capital management contracts, strategies and solutions to aid business owners in creating ideal systems and processes, customised policies and liability safeguards.

Fraud & Forensics

Greed. Mitigating the loss.

We aid our clients in creation of effective fraud policies and operational controls to prevent internal and external fraud.

We also ensure that fraud committed is prosecuted, with the ultimate goal of recovery. We have a team of forensic experts to assist in building the litigation.


The only other constant in life.

We are specialists in foreign and domestic tax advice, compliance, structuring, planning, disputes, savings and profit maximisation strategies.

Crisis & Reputation Management

Because reputation is everything.


Our quick response procedures allows our Team us to act proactively to client’ crises, where most would react. We ensure our clients take all necessary steps to mitigate loss and damage.


In representing a series of celebrities and talents, we advise clients on precautionary and preventive steps to safeguard their reputations. We respond immediately and globally in the event of any attack.

Corporate Offshore Advisory

Tax minimisation.

We provide robust and tangible solutions for clients to maximise on tax savings through quick and feasible offshore structures. From set-up of: companies, bank accounts, contracts, director appointments, and tax structures.